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Hedland Senior High School’s Kicking Goals Students got the chance to meet Nic Naitanui, Kate Orms and the Eagle Vision crew. Nic Naitanui come into the classes and did some high performance skill drills that all the kids loved. The Eagle Vision crew and Kate Orms selected a few students to be a part of the Eagle Vision’s video. Throughout the sessions Nic touched on how important it is to be mentally strong throughout all aspects of life and what sacrifices need to be made to get at an elite level of all sports. The Kicking Goals students performed exceptionally well and listened to everything Nic had to say.

After School the kids had an S2S training session with Nic Naitanui, Michael Warren and myself. Before the training commenced, Nic Spoke more in depth about how high performance training can help you get where you want to go, he also spoke strongly on mental strength as it is important to learn the skill of being mentally strong. Not in just football but life as well. Due to the wet weather conditions our guys trained inside the gym and did some short, sharp intensity drills. We finished off the S2S training with a game of knock out but using footballs only.