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Hedland Senior High School Kicking Goals students met with West Coast Eagles Players Luke Partington, Josh Rotham and former Kicking Goals Development Manager, now West Coast Eagles Community Development Officer James Grabski  at yesterday’s Kicking and Shooting Goals launch for 2017.    

Upon arrival at Hedland Senior High School all V Swans staff got to have a chat with the fledgling West Coast Eagle Players about their stories and experiences before they commenced their Skills session with the Kicking Goals students.

For the Year 7, 8 and 9’s Partington, Rotham and Grabski all gave the Kicking Goals students an introduction about themselves and what they had to do to become such elite athletes. Through each drill Rotham and Partington both explained the importance of clean and quick hands around the contest. Grabski also gave the students and insight into performing a strong tackle and how to get out of one as well. Rotham and Partington wrapped up their session with the youngsters by explaining why the AFL clubs look for players with good values and morals- “Humility over Ability”.

For the Year 10, 11 and 12’s Rotham and Partington applied strategic scenarios and had the Kicking Goals boys and girls executing each drill with amazing skills. Towards the end of the session Grabski had everyone involved in a goal kicking competition which all participants enjoyed.

Overall, the Kicking Goals Students had the chance to meet with two young footballers on an elite sporting pathway who spoke about key messages about their career the pathway that young motivated students can strive for.